Surrey Computer Services provide Apple computer repair services in Horley Crawley Reigate, Redhill and surrounding areas since 2002.
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The services we supply are dependent on the model of your apple computer. To talk to us about your apple computer, simply complete the form below and we shall be in contact. For business customers, please visit the EchoTech website.

We would be delighted to talk to you.  Simply complete the short form and we will give you call back. 
Please allow up to 48hrs, however if it is of a serious nature then CLICK HERE to give us a call.


  • Logic board replacement
  • CPU replacement
  • Memory upgrade or replacement
  • Hard drive upgrade or replacement


  • Solid state disk upgrade or replacement.
  • Screen replacement
  • Memory can be upgraded, however we do not offer this feature and do not recommend it.


  • Memory upgrade or replacement
  • Hard drive upgrade or replacementBattery replacement
  • Power pack ( Charger ) replacement
  • Screen Replacement
  • This can be a costly exercise depending on the model.


  • Glass Panel replacement
  • Screen replacement ( if available – Costly )
  • Hard drive upgrade or replacement
  • Memory upgrade or replacement ( Year model depends on cost )
  • The older your iMac is, the more expensive the memory becomes as it’s not in production anymore.
  • CPU upgrade or replacement ( Costly )

What We Do

and Apple Computer Repair Services since 2002. Other services include Desktop, Laptop, Wi-fi, Networking, Data Recovery and more are provided by us at Surrey Computer Services.
Featured services you can expect from us.  Should you be unsure if we could help, then please reach out and contact us. 


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