Surrey Computer Services can install local wired networks in your home or Set-up complete whole house WiFi systems.

Surrey Computer Services provide wifi and lan network services to residential customers living in Horley Crawley Reigate Redhill and surrounding Areas.  Should you wish for us to contact you to discuss any wifi and lan network issues, then simply complete the form below and we will be in touch.


    • This is the device supplied in most cases by your Internet Service Provider.  Most routers or “hubs” as they are also know have built in wifi signals for you to use in your home.

    • This device acts as a 1 to many splitter effectively in rudimentary terms.  This enables you to connect an ethernet cable between your router and the switch, which can then be split 4/8/16/32 or 64 ways.

    • Lan ( Local Area Network ) is the internal network in your home.  This can be done with wifi, ethernet ( network ) cables, wireless repeater bridges or home plug systems.
    • Your local lan IP address will look similar to these examples;  Please note that “x” acts a placeholder.
      • 192.168.x.x
      • 172.16.x.x.
      • 10.0.x.x
  • WiFi  ( Wireless Fidelity )

    • We can adjust the frequencies and channel numbers to optimise your routers wifi signals for your home.
    • In some cases you will require a third party product to maximise the wireless signals in your home.  This can be done through the following methods.
      • Wireless Repeater / Bridge
      • Wireless Access Point
      • Homeplug wifi system

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