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Network Installations and Wifi Setup :: Router installations and configuration


This is the device supplied in most cases by your Internet Service Provider. Most routers or "hubs" as they are also known have built in wifi signals for you to use in your home.

Network Switch

Network Switches

This device acts as a 1 to many splitter in rudimentary terms. With a switch in place you create a hardwired concurrent connection to a device.

Lan Network Installation and repair services to Residential customers in Horley Crawley Reigate Redhill ,,, Network installations and wifi setup

LAN Networks

Lan ( Local Area Network ) is the internal network in your home.  This can be done with wifi, Ethernet cables, wireless repeater bridges or power line adapters. lan IP address examples: 192.168.x.x / 172.16.x.x / 10.0.x.x

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Wifi Networks

We can adjust the frequencies and channel numbers to optimise your routers wifi signals for your home. In some cases you will require a third party product to maximise the wireless signals in your home.